5 Steps to Crushing Stress with Toby

1. Sign Up For TOBY

Go to http://www.gettoby.com/ to get started. Provide your email address, name, and password. After you do this, a new window will open offering to install this browser tab manager.

2. Create a Startup Tab Group

Click the plus sign. Name your list. Your current tabs will appear on the right. Drag the ones you want to your left. Voila! Name your tab group. Keep track of your projects, launching into them one at a time.

3. Launch a TOBY Tab Group

Inside the TOBY tabs manager, click the down arrow to use your tab group. If you want to open your tabs in windows, click on your open tabs option at the top right. I like to start my process with client projects by launching their startup tabs to get straight to work.

4. Clear the Clutter and Wind Down

At the end of your workday, you should take the time to organize and reuse any work you are stopping. Most often, I find if I can't finish work by closing time, I save a group the tabs and relaunch them first thing in the morning once I hit my groove. You can also go to the menu at right and click save the session to continue what you are doing another time.

5. Search and Tag Toby Tabs

Once the tabs start to pile up, you can tag your TOBY tabs and scale it up with the ability to search and filter for the best Toby Tabs.  From your collections window, click the three dot menu next to the collection you wish to add tags to. As you add tags, TOBY assigns your tags colors. Your tags appear at the top of your menu bar, click on the tag for the collection related to the tag you have created.

Dream away the Stress

TOBY is an organized person's dream. You can add and remove tabs, customize your look, keep track of projects by subject area or work task, and more. It is free, fun, and easy to use. Whether you need a series of specific web pages saved as part of a project or you want to make collections of tabs for reference or future reading, TOBY can handle it efficiently and without the clutter of leaving traditional browser tabs open all the time.

How many uses can you think of for TOBY?

Try it today and tell us how you use it.