Our Story Happens

One Day at a Time

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform Shopify Plus Stores into engaging web apps.
Our focus is to deliver growth, provide direction and insights for our clients.

Year of 2015

Understanding Shopify

We started working on Shopify Stores, focusing on the development side. Our goal was to understand the platform.

Our 2nd goal was working on the Shopify Platform and Community with developers who focused their skillset in marketing tactics.

Year of 2016

Focus on Shopify Plus

We realized everything we enjoyed doing were features for Shopify Plus.

We switched gears and focused on services and products tailored to Shopify Plus Merchants.

Shopify Plus Merchants had the ability to use these features:

We focused on these tasks to establish relationships with Shopify Plus customers.
Through our work with those clients, we discovered which services provided the best value to our clients.

Shopify Scripts

Run code to managed promotions and discounts.

Examples include: BOGO Campaigns, Flash Sales, Tiered Pricing, Spend X Get Y Run BOGOs with discount codes.

Checkout Optimization

Changes to the checkout.liquid file to improve User Experience, Messaging, CRO, and Branding

Examples include: Google Autocomplete, Dynamic Expected Delivery Dates, Checkout Cache, Upsell / Downsell Abilities, Organizing 10+ Shipping Options

Shopify Wholesale

Help B2B customers with set up the Shopify Wholesale Platform.

Shopify Launchpad

Launch & end campaigns, themes, and Shopify Scripts

Shopify Flow

Upload settings or manually set them to run automated tasks ( ranging from tagging, alerting, triggering tasks )


No Magic Boxes

We believe transparency builds trust, not leverage. Our biggest value proposition has always been our ability to present our work we did.

We believe in delivering good news fast, and bad news faster. Problems are inevitable, but a lack of communication hinders our ability, and the client's ability, to create solutions.


Effortless Communication

We train our clients to share their digital ideas with us and their strategic partners using tools like Recordit.co.

We share tools with you programmers use to work live together from remote locations, like Toby Tabs.

We organize Slack to maintain an archive of organized conversations to use for future work and context.


We Love Our Clients

A key ingredient to the success we've had is our passion. In what we do and who we work with. Working with companies who have similar views and goals on eCommerce gets us pumped up!

We care about who we work with because we are their biggest fans. This mindset is a huge reason our success and what defines us.

Our Team

Our team aligns to create a unique experience for our clients. Each team member is a developer and marketer in experience. Our characteristics and strengths help define us as a whole.

One could call him the Founding Father of Bamboo Digital. He’s the point man, leading the charge to help Shopify Merchants and the Bamboo team win at business and enjoy life more - that’s the focus of the culture he created.

Blake - The Visionary

Not afraid of a challenge, Jordan takes on many opportunities for growth. His detail-oriented, calculative approach creates massive returns on investment of his time. The insights he generates drive the Bamboo Digital engine.

Jordan - The Analyst

An empathetic, collaborative environment exists because of Kevin. His finger rests on the pulse of the team and Bamboo Digital clients, keeping us all connected. The values of Bamboo Digital shine bright through his efforts.

Kevin - The Heart

Calming, encouraging, understanding… even soothing. Johnny’s voice is the one in your ear in Bamboo audio content. You should listen to that content. His writing voice helps the team communicate better with the world. He also wrote this page.

Johnny - The Voice