Promotion Automation with Launchpad

Running your store's promotional campaigns can be a real headache. Launchpad handles tasks including launching and ending your Shopify Scripts, updating Themes, releasing new products, and/or changing the hero image at the right time.

With Launchpad everything can be set up in advance. Launchpad schedules the beginning and end of the promotions, giving you time to focus on your most important tasks.

Getting Started with Launchpad

To install Launchpad, visit Launchpad or navigate to the apps page. In the search bar type Launchpad. Download the App, admin access will be needed to install this app.

Navigate to Launchpad

If you just installed Launchpad you can skip this step go to {{ store name }}, or navigate to the apps page and select the Launchpad app.

Create an event

To set up your event: create a title, then set a start date for your event. It is a good practice to give your event a name that corresponds to its purpose. When you or a teammate revisit this event, it will be easier to remember why you are running the event. Please note the start date requires a date, a time, and a timezone. It is advised that you pick the time zone based on where the majority of your customers are. 

If you don't know where most of your customers are, you can discover this information with Google Analytics Intelligence. Check out our starter article:  Getting started with Google AI for more information.

Customize Your Events

Select a theme to activate during your event

You may have a theme that changes your hero banner to reflect your promotion or unique theme, or additional copy for your event. Select the themes you will be switching to during and after the event.

Select a Shopify Script that fits your event

Before Launchpad, Shopify Scripts could only be activated manually. Now, Launchpad will easily schedule promotions to automatically turn them on & off. Whether you're offering free shipping in return for spending a certain amount or giving gift cards based on how much your customers spend or any other script you may want to run, Launchpad will activated and deactivate your Shopify Scripts. ( Shopify Scripts are limited to either an item script or a shipping script; they don’t work with payment scripts. )

Avoid Bots by enabling captcha

During flash sales, we recommend you protect your company from Amazon resellers by enabling a captcha box. This will prevent bot orders by simply checking off the box next to "bot protection" which will force all buyers to use a captcha to ensure they are human. This is especially important if your promotion is aimed at creating demand for a product with a limited supply, as bots could purchase almost all your inventory before your customers have a chance.

Choose products to release

Part of an event may be to release specific products, such as gift cards, free items, etc. If you choose to release products this will ensure the product isn't available until the specified time. Choose this option if you are releasing new products for your promotion. 

Don't forget to make an end date

From the start of the event and up to 4 weeks from that date, Launchpad will store metrics for reporting, reporting information after this period will not be stored.

Run Last Minute Discounts without Shopify Scripts

Apply last minute discounts to either products or collections. This makes it really easy to run promotions on either products or groups of products and is a great way to help sell off excess inventory.

EVO Gimbals used this feature in Launchpad to discount select products after noticing competitors were discounting those same products. This avoided losing customers over price, ensuring that they would remain competitive. Different discount amounts can be applied to specific products and collections with discounts % at the moment this is the only option.

Final thoughts

Launchpad is an amazing tool that will surely reduce your campaign promotion headaches. While it won't do the all the work for you, Launchpad allows you to plan ahead, so you can stop watching the clock and focus on the big picture.